we rolled out Big Board 4.0 and our latest batch of positional rankings for the 2017 NFL draft.

In both, Ole Miss tight end Evan Engram ranked above his Miami counterpart, David Njoku. I don’t think that necessarily qualifies as a “hot take”—haven’t checked the official hot take guidelines lately—but it is against the recent run of play concerning the TE position. Alabama’s O.J. Howard has been the consensus No. 1 tight end in this draft class, but Njoku has emerged most places as a close No. 2, and possibly a top-25 pick himself.

Engram’s placement above Njoku on the SI Big Board has more to do with Engram’s own potential than any glaring concerns about Njoku’s game. I’ll explain, but first let’s get in the right mindset:

Still, the experts appear too negative and the Super Bowl is a long shot to say the least. A realistic expectation for the Dolphins next season is to take the next step and hopefully win a playoff game. There is no reason the new regime in Miami can’t build off an outstanding first season. The Dolphins have a lot of talent and can establish themselves next season as a perennial playoff contender and a playoff victory would be huge for this franchise.

They need to make smart signings in free agency and have another good draft. Sometimes the best moves in the offseason are the ones you don’t make. Miami has a long history of being paper champions in the offseason and falling flat come game time. Hopefully they learn from past mistakes and continue this upward trend.

When asked how long he plans to continue playing, Gronkowski said: “I’m not really sure. I still love playing the game, and as of right now, I want to play as long as I can possibly play. My mindset is to keep on going.”

His most recent back surgery was Gronkowski’s third. He had two previous surgeries to repair herniated disks in his back — in 2009, when he was at the University of Arizona and missed the entire season, and in 2013, his fourth season with the Patriots, when he underwent surgery in June and didn’t return until Week 7.