Month: February 2017

NFL players have until Nov. 1 to resolve DUI cases

Le’Veon Bell has just over one month to get his DUI case resolved or he’ll face a mandatory two-game suspension. The NFL has informed player agents that Nov. 1 is the date that the new DUI policy will take effect, according to Tom Pelissero of USA TODAY Sports.

Harsher discipline for DUI violations was one of the headliners of the league’s recent drug policy makeover. Whereas first-time offenders were often let off without suspension in the past, they’ll now face a minimum two-game ban. Part of the deal with the players union, however, was that the league provide a grace period to allow players currently facing charges to rectify their cases before the new punishment was implemented.

Of course, it’s nice to have a really tall guy that can run like the wind and jump out of the building running downfield.

Later, on a big third quarter play (below), while credit goes to Stanton, who, frankly, shows nice poise to climb the pocket so he can deliver the throw, this play happens because Michael Floyd is proving he’s a top talent at receiver. The former first rounder out of Notre Dame adjusts to the ball, subtly swims over the cornerback, then climbs the ladder to go get it.

This was conceptually dope because the Broncos found a way to get their blockers in place on a screen down field without getting a penalty because those blockers are not offensive linemen. They also found a way to time it out so that it wasn’t an illegal block by the wide receivers because none of them made contact with a Seahawks defender until after the ball is already thrown.

Think about that for a moment, have you ever even considered how a coach figures out the timing of blocks? The reason that you know they thought about the timing is because of who is assigned to block which Seahawks defender.